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My partner and I were responsible for concepting and creating assets for Smirnoff's social channels including evergreen content, campaign specific content, and content to promote brand partnerships. 

For the 2020 Super Bowl Frank's RedHot partnered with a myriad of brands for a social media campaign. The goal was to incorporate Frank's RedHot in ludicrous ways that were true to the respective brands.

We incorporated their product in two ways; a silly drink recipe and a long running gag about hiding Smirnoff Ices. These were concepted by Sophia Moore and Ivan Whitted. All assets were shot by me. 

In early 2020 Smirnoff announced its partnership with ABC's The Bachelor. To promote the partnership, we created some reactive and some evergreen content throughout the course of the show. All assets featured here were concepted with my partner and shot/designed by me. 

Smirnoff and Laverne Cox created a How to Guide on virtual brunching to celebrate a socially distanced Mother's Day.  The guide included  backgrounds for video calls, trivia, jokes, and recipes.

Zipeng Zhu and Daniela Gilsanz designed the guide. I designed the following video call backgrounds, as well as animated the following assets