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The Black History Collection

On February 15, 2020 we hijacked The Metroplitan Museum of Art by turning a clothing collection into a museum exhibit.

The Black History Collection consists of—5 uniquely designed coveralls, all featuring different icons from Black History—as a Black History Art Exhibit at The Met. Making it the first clothing collection to launch at The Met with living statues.

The pieces were designed by Taylor Roberts and the brainchild of Justin Joo. I was the Director of Photography and editor of the following video.

To see the full project please click here

In addition to having the models display the stories of these historical Black figures, we also designed and left behind Black History Collection Pamphlets which mimicked the design of The Metropolitan Museum Maps. Except instead of showing the interior map of the museum, we listed out the names and addresses of all black curated African American museums in New York.

We also tagged ourselves on the Met's page in a coordinated effort to hijacked their tagged photos. 

Oh did I  also mention we got escorted off the property?

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